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NOTE: This part features a colored anodized finish. These finishes are held to different aesthetic standards than parts finished in black anodizing or Cerakote. The lighter coloring allows certain aesthetic marks on the material to be visible through the finish. Some may show more or fewer signs of these defects, but the parts are guaranteed to be quality and in spec. There are also slight color variances between different materials when colored anodizing is applied. For more information on colored anodizing visit our Knowledge Center.

We are excited to announce clear anodize parts and components! These parts feature a Type 3 hard coat finish that is applied without any dye during the anodizing process. Something to note about these is color variance between different materials- long story short 7000 series aluminum (receivers, chassis center sections, chassis stocks) show up with a more gold/yellow hue; whereas 6000 series aluminum (handguards) anodizes a more slate grey color. What these color variations leave you with is a visually appealing contrast that has gained a cult following over the years. Clear anodize being as light as it is also makes an amazing base for your next rattle can finish if you are into that type of thing!

Don't forget to buy an Aero Precision M5 (.308) Lower Parts Kit. Our LPK is specifically designed to work with the M5 Lower Receiver and includes custom takedown and pivot pins as well as an extended magazine catch button.


  • Works with standard AR 308 components and magazines
  • Rear takedown pin detent hole is threaded for a 4-40 set screw
  • Bolt catch is threaded for a screw pin (no roll pin needed)
  • Integrated trigger guard
  • Selector markings will work with 45, 60 or 90 degree safety selectors
  • Accepts Battle Arms Development short throw safety selectors, but will work with any standard selector
  • No gap with aftermarket pistol grips

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