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JK Armament


Product Code : 850038425197


JK Armament’s Tone Technology produces a more solid, deeper tone that’s more pleasing to the ear. While the JK 105 CCX 9MM can absolutely be run dry, it sounds best run wet with the addition of small amounts of petroleum jelly inside its baffles.

JK Armament is very proud to bring the first practical, concealable 9mm pistol suppressor to the market with the JK 105 CCX 9MM! Clearly, it isn’t as quiet as our larger pistol suppressors such as the VERSAX 9MM and PCX 9MM, but that isn’t the point. The 105 CCX is designed to live on your concealed carry gun and protect your hearing should you have to use it.

In full configuration, especially when run wet with the addition of a small amount of petroleum jelly, this teeny little silencer sounds surprisingly good during range practice. Off the range, it’s small enough and light enough, especially with a baffle or two removed, to disappear in your concealed carry rig while still providing hearing protection.

The 105 CCX is the first ever concealable, micro 9mm suppressor that’s durable enough to use regularly for fun and for practice. In fact, it’s even rated for use on other calibers up to and including 357 Magnum (see Barrel and Caliber Ratings chart below).

At a ridiculously lightweight 2.5 ounces in its full configuration and an almost unbelievable 1.2 ounces in its shortest configuration, the 105 CCX runs reliably on all sorts of semi-automatic pistols without the use of a booster. Not only does this save weight and complexity, but it also means your pistol operates, feels, and balances almost exactly how it does when unsuppressed.

Mission Configurable, the 105 CCX moves seamlessly between range and carry. By adding or removing baffles, the 105 CCX adapts to your size and suppression needs and disassembles for cleaning, all without specialized tools (any standard 1-inch wrench works). Swappable mounts and front caps allow it to be run on pistols of various calibers, and it can be run either dry or wet.


(1) JK 105 LT Thread Mount 1/2×28 TPI

(1) JK 105 LT 1.3” Tube

(1) JK 105 LT Tube Extension

(5) JK 105 LT Pistol Baffle

(1) JK 105 LT CCK Flash Reducer End Cap

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