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JMAC CUSTOMS 2C 1/2-28 X12 - Alpha (Omega 9K)

Product Code : 2C28SX12

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Mfg Item #: rrd-2c-28s-x12

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(R)ecoil (R)eduction (D)evice (2) ports (C)ompensator (28)1/2x28 (S)houlderMount (X12)1.125-28 External Threads

The X12 Series Muzzle Brakes combine our effective RRD muzzle brake design and a direct thread mount for several popular suppressors as well as our BDS-12 blast shield! This allows you to leave the muzzle device installed and simply thread the suppressor over! Reduces weight, length, and cost compared to QD systems. Direct thread is also the preferred mounting method for accuracy!

Product Specs:

  • 1/2-28 Threads
  • X12 - 1.125-28 External Threads
  • 10mm Bore
  • 17-4ph Stainless Steel
  • Black Nitride
  • Requires timing for proper function.
  • *Not intended or recommend for barrels shorter than 10.5” (see below) 

*When testing these devices, we found that high rates of fire such as full auto or “mag dumps” could cause damage to the device due to the excess heat, pressure, and gasses from unburnt powder on shorter barrels.

X-Series Device Compatibility

***JMac Customs is NOT responsible for improper installation of this muzzle device or any damage to the suppressor using this device. We recommend this be professionally installed and checked to ensure alignment.***

JMac Customs recommends that all suppressor mounts be installed and checked for alignment by a certified professional. Serious damage could result to your suppressor/firearm and physical harm is possible if installed/used incorrectly. All suppressor mounts MUST be tight against the shoulder or face of the barrel, using shims or face-milling method. Contact us if you have any questions or need a recommendation for professional installation. JMac Customs LLC is not liable for injury, damage, or death related to the usage of this product.

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