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JMAC CUSTOMS 360 5/8-24 Taper KeyMount (KeyMicro)

Product Code : RRD-360-30T-KM

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(R)ecoil (R)eduction (360)Degree Ports (30)5/8-24 Threads (T)aperMount (KM)KeyMount

The RRD-360 Muzzle Device from JMAC Customs is unlike others on the market today. This device vents gasses 360 degrees away from your muzzle requiring less effort from the shooter to manage recoil. The use of additional, smaller ports, allows the gasses to disperse in a less concentrated pattern which reduces flash and concussion when compared to a standard muzzle brake. Due to the 360 design, this device does not require timing which makes installation much more simple and does not require shims or crush washer. 

The 360-30T-KM is designed specifically for tapered barrels such as those found on the Sig Sauer MPX, MCX, and M400 as well as Faxxon barrels. This KeyMount(KeyMiicro) device will allow you to attach KeyMo compatible suppressors and accessories to your firearm. In addition to a KeyMount compatible suppressor, the 360-28T is also compatible with any of our Blast Diversion Shields (BDS) in combination with the proper KeyMount adapter.

*This device is designed for tapered barrels, not standard shouldermount application!

What makes the 360 unique?

  • 3 rows of ports to protect your suppressor
  • No timing required
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal added length
  • Compatible with dozens of suppressors
  • Reduced Recoil


  • 5/8=24 Barrel Threads
  • Designed for Tapered Barrels
  • 2.050" long (adds approx 1.45")
  • Can be installed with a 3/4" socket
  • 10mm Bore
  • KeyMount and KeyMicro Compatible
  • 17-4ph Stainless
  • Black Nitride
  • *Not intended or recommend for barrels shorter than 10.5” (see below) 

Important Product Notes:

  • On short barreled SIG Sauer firearms, gas adjustment knob modification may be required.
  • This device is designed for tapered barrels ONLY such as Sig MPX, MCX, and M400.
  • Not rated for use on <10" barrels with supersonic ammunition during full auto or rapid fire (mag dumps).
  • The ID of the Handguard will limit the use of certain suppressors
  • This muzzle device is not intended to be used without a suppressor on a barrel that is shorter than the handguard
  • Not compatible with SIG MCX Rattler or Copperhead K
  • *When testing these devices, we found that high rates of fire such as full auto or “mag dumps” could cause damage to the device due to the excess heat, pressure, and gasses from unburnt powder on shorter barrels.

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