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Type: Pistol silencer / Rifle silencer

Caliber: 45 ACP
8″ (Suppressor module only)
Diameter: 1.375″
Material: Titanium / Stainless steel
Weight: 9.5 ounces
Approx dB Overall: 131.9 dB (including First Round Pop)
Approx. dB Reduction: 30 – 31 dB
Mounting Type: Multiple Mount Solutions
C-Series Cerakote


Here at Liberty, we think we’ve designed the most versatile 45 ACP suppressor on the market today. Like the Mystic X, the take apart design allows this can to handle 17HMR and other rimfire rounds, all the way to .458 SOCOM. Not to mention, it’s a beauty on 10mm auto! This design was borne from the need for a 45 silencer that needed to be used on an AR15 in 5.56 NATO as well. Due to this spec, the Cosmic was designed from the ground up for use on pistol caliber applications, therefore it is not suitable for the more powerful rifle calibers for which the Mystic X is rated. Using a titanium tube and our new Bi-Directional Baffles in the stainless steel core, the Cosmic is extremely lightweight at only 9.5oz. Also, this suppressor is compatible with all the Mystic X mounting options, offering as much value as it does functionality.

Manufacturers Recommendation: When disassembling a take apart suppressor, if more than hand force is necessary to remove the inner core from the outer tube, please use a semi-soft material such as wood, rubber, or nylon as opposed to harder items like a hammer.

Also note that the full auto ratings are given for reference, if the caliber you are looking for to run in full auto is not on this list, then see if there is a comparable caliber already on the list, if it is there, then you are fine. The point is that this is not a hard use rifle silencer and should be treated like the pistol suppressor that it is.

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