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Energetic Armament

Energetic Armament Lux 7.62 Suppressor

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The LUX silencer is a lightweight precision engineered rifle silencer. The silencer core is welded to AWS standards from US Origin, DFARS compliant, 6Al-4V titanium. The LUX silencer, including the 5/8-24 direct thread mount is 7.9 in. long, 8.82 oz. and features an 7 baffle core with the patent pending Serial ID ring. This serial ID ring allows quick factory replacement of the core, should damage ever occur, without loss of alignment or concentricity. The silencer utilizes the industry standard 1.375×24 mount thread pattern allowing a wide range of mount options including the Centrix mount. The internal surfaces of the LUX are coated with a proprietary boron nitride process to provide wear and fouling resistance. The external surfaces are finished

  • Assembled Weight:
    • 9.84oz (279 g) – 7.62mm LUX with direct thread mount
    • 8.56oz (243 g) – 7.62mm LUX without mount
  • Length:
    • 7.9 in. (201 mm) x 1.55 in. (39.4mm) Dia.* – LUX with direct thread mount
    • 7.6 in. (193 mm) x 1.55 in. (39.4mm) Dia.* – LUX without mount

*Max dia at Serial ID ring; core dia. 1.5″ (38mm)

  • Material:
    • Welded Core- 6AlV4 Titanium (Gr. 5) US origin, DFAR certified
    • Direct Thread Mount- 6AlV4 Titanium (Gr. 5) US origin, DFAR certified
    • Finish: Boron nitride (internal), Diamond-like Carbon (external)
    • Color: Dark gray
  • Mounting: 5/8-24 direct thread mount (end user removable)
    • Compatible with industry standard mount threads (1.375-24)
    • TB Compatible Mount (SKU EA37)
    • 1/2-28 RH Optional Direct Thread (SKU EA22)
    • Centrix Mount (SKU EA35)
    • Dead Air Key-MO
    • SilencerCo. ASR
    • Q Plan-B
    • Area 419 Hellfire
    • Many other industry standard mounts


  • Rating:
    • The 7.62mm LUX silencer is rated for all cartridges with 7.62mm (0.312 in.) or smaller projectiles including, but not limited to, 308WIN, 300WM, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5PRC, 300 Blackout, 300PRC, 300Norma.
    • The LUX silencer is a lightweight precision silencer designed for bolt action firearms and moderate rate of fire semiautomatic host guns. There are no barrel length restrictions for moderate firing schedules with non-magnum cartridges. A 20 in. min. barrel is required for magnum cartridges. Please contact us for any questions about particular cartridge/host firearm capabilities not listed here.
  • Design: Welded baffle stack with fixed end cap
    • Energetic Armament patented serial ID ring
    • Interchangeable industry-standard mounts, 1.375 x 24 thread for mounts


  • LUX Silencer w/ 5/8-24 direct thread mount
  • Wrench multi-tool
  • VOX Blox vise block
  • Packet of anti-seize
  • Instruction manual
  • Decals

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